Fireside Chat with Jeff Bezos of AWS

While I don’t pretend to be an expert in Amazon Web Services AWS, Zak of eSided Business Solutions is, and he kindly forwarded me the link to this video after attending AWS re: Invent conference in Las Vegas this past week. Chock full of great and well-rounded business advice, what Jeff had to say about […]

Social Media and B2B

Today I am participating in Gary Vaynerchuk’s – How to Fully Commit to Social Media webinar. I’m looking forward to learning more about the specific social media tools and tactics that small to mid-sized companies, and especially industrial companies, are using and what benefits they are experiencing. The infographic below provides some great insights into […]

Online video as face-to-face alternative

How online marketing methods like video can be used to fill the communications void left by declining trade show attendance and budget spending cuts. See how an equipment rental company catering to the construction industry used video to carry its product and services message.

Green Marketing Tip #1

10 benefits of converting printed documents into digital format (e.g. PDF), and how making more of your marketing materials accessible over the Internet saves money and the environment. Watch “The Story of Stuff” video clip about planned obsolescence by Annie Leonard.

Shifting B2B Marketing Spending Online

Find out why “interruptive” outbound B2B marketing like direct mail, telemarketing, trade shows, sales calls etc., are being replaced with cheaper, more effective methods using an Internet delivery model.

Website Grader – Free SEO Tool

Use this free tool to assess the how effectively your website is optimized for search engines. The Website Grader is a tool that scans your site in seconds and emails a report so you can make improvements.

Adding Video to Your Website

Watch video of Furious Alf & 2Fein rap about email marketing software for B2B direct mail marketers